Saturday, June 28, 2003

Well, it's moving into week four of NO JOB . . . and it's getting really frustrating, but not necessarily stressful. My mom and I discussed this today. I'm not a stressed-out person in general because my philosophy has always been one of staunch Minnesotan stoicism. Whatever crap happens, you deal with it. You scrimp, you trim, you redirect your efforts, you reassess your priorities, and you deal. We go on, as my old uncle Ted once said, arguably the staunchest Minnesotan stoic ever.
I've been having a spot of medical issues (nothing too serious, but of a very personal nature) that have forced me to look long and hard at my life and what I think is important . . . and finding a job is one of those things that has remained a high priority, but I have been given this transition time and I best make the most of it.
So. Deep revelations aside, life is good. I'm missing my sister lately, but I'm branching out a little more, and doing home projects . . . I'm going to my friend Fernando's house tomorrow for movies and human interaction, which is always good.
For those readers of age, I recommend the Cuban drink Mojito. Mint leaves, lime, rum and soda . . . for those not of age, the virgin version is still damn good. Our cute little neighborhood pub always has these exotic summer drinks, and that was at the top of the list. Cocktails are a great benefit to being grown-up. Kids wouldn't understand.
Anyway, I'll leave the political rants for a time when I feel a little less insulated. I'll finish with this: pray for peace, because it seems the war keeps going on. Declaring a victory, it seems, is not enough even for the victors any more.
Until next time . . .

Saturday, June 14, 2003

you know, some people's ways of dealing with the world, of rationalizing it and making it somehow more palatable can be truly destructive.
in vogue today, i read a woman's column in which she characterized iraq as a victory because it didn't destroy the world. it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
what bugs me about this is that it says iraq was not a victory against terrorism. nor was it a liberation of the iraqi people. instead, she would have it, iraq is a victory against our own worst fears. which i hardly see as a victory. it seems to me it's rather like someone bashing their hand with a hammer, and when it simply goes black and blue without going gangrene, it's considered a good move.
i think this war will shake out the best and worst in people now that its over. i just feel bad for the people who died so some people (myself not included) could feel nominally better about our world.
i saw on the news a palestinian man who explained that sadaam never had a defensive strategy for his own country. instead he had a postwar agenda. if only we could think so far ahead . . . or perhaps learn so much from what we've done in the past.
enough. it's late. i'm tired. and i have a job to find.