Thursday, August 14, 2003

Grrr. The frustration. Again.
It seems that post-collegiate life is simply a series of minor setbacks, separated by extended periods of recovery and self-assurance that next time will be different. This time- looks like the temporary nature of my temporary job is leading me to the conclusion that I will be staying at home for the short-term future. I like home, really I do. But I feel like it's time for my own home, and it seems that everytime there's the promise of making my very own nest for myself, there's always something keeping me from getting there.
Very frustrating.
Ah well. The money will offer some consolation.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I know. At this point, I should really just give it up and call it "VestalVespa Occasionally, more profuse during bouts of self-pity, more sparse during periods of anxiety." This is true. I've been seriously lagging on the blog front, so for my pitiably small audience (all four of you! And Dad, too!), I apologize.
But. I have the best birthday present ever. A real, grown-up job offer! Yep, the junior copywriting position looks like it might just work out, and I'm waiting for the call today (maybe if you are lucky, I'll update after I hear from them). This ushers in a whole new period for me- one I've been simultaneously looking forward to and freaking out about for the past three months. This sounds like a great starter company to work for, though- an entirely female management staff, small (about 70 employees), but with connections to the great big lumbering tech behemoths that we all know and love.
I am really looking forward to having a real routine again, too. I mean, the whole get-up-at-nine, watch-the-view, poke-around-on-the-internet thing is fun for a while, but after three months I understand why so many people give up and go for a McJob just to get out of the house. I am definitely looking forward to meeting new people (college educated people, too, they're always fun . . .) and I am looking forward to learning more about copywriting. I never took any advertising classes or anything, so anything I can learn is good, and will help in the long run.
So. Twenty-two years old. First job in a position I really want, near home and in a location I can really live with. A livable salary and the ability to stay at home for a while until I get my money saved for a place of my own. I'd say that despite everything, I'm still doing pretty well.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Interesting fact:
Google "bush is an idiot," and you'll get 2,960 results. Google "bush is evil" and you'll get 1,450.
Do the same for "bush is a good president," and you get 298. Of the last search, one is a class of second graders, one is titled "George W. Bush is a good president . . . FOR ME TO POOP ON!," and many precede the queried statement with "I don't believe . . ."
The polls may say otherwise, but I believe the web has spoken.
And really, that's probably more accurate. I mean, the polls are dominated by people who have an axe to grind and feel like talking to pollsters during the dinner hour. Disgruntled lonely people, in other words.
I just can't understand why anyone could still stand by a man who actually called one of the top Al Qaeda terrorists (after several failed attempts to pronounciation) "Ramzi Alshibh, or whatever the guy's name was." Or even better, proving his disregard (or at this point, utter contempt) for the needs of the American people, when asked how he could justify spending 170 million on his campaign, he replied "Just watch me."
Nice. At least he doesn't pretend to care about us. He lays it out on the line.
And then he goes on vacation.
In other news, things are pretty quiet around here. I'm hoping to hear back from the folks at the marketing communications firm next week, though like I said, I'm not holding my breath for anything. But there have been NO leads in the classifieds or in the Post lately and I'm getting a little nervous. Jobs have been steadily drying up here in Colorado for the past few weeks, worse than usual. I'm glad I got a little vacation in Yellowstone, but I feel like now there's nothing to do. I was happy to have a break when I felt like I had no obligations. But now, I feel like I should have stuff to do, but there's nothing . . . boring and aggravating at the same time.
Kinda like this blog.
So to spare you, I'm signing off for the weekend. Until next time . . .
Sigh. I mean, a real, honest sigh. If not for typing, I would throw up my hands.
Cspan yesterday featured our Fearless Leader touting the sanctity of marriage and blaming the bad economy on his own war, ahem, I mean *our* war. I am deeply uninspired by our dem candidates, but I'm hoping many people are as kneejerk as I am and figure, hey, ANYTHING is better than THIS.
The interview went well, but I'm not holding my breath just yet. I have certainly learned my lesson as to withholding respiration pending employment. Or dates. I'm no good at either and getting my hopes up has never served a purpose for me.
I'm slowly beginning to understand that in a month, I will NOT be going back to school. This is a difficult concept for me, sometimes . . . you study for fifteen years and suddenly, no more school. No more new boxes of crayons, no new plasticy smelling binders, no new reams of notebook paper, half of which inevitably goes unused but yet, the next year necessitates yet another ream . . . No new clothes, no pristine new erasers. It's kind of sad, really. There is a very visceral connection I have with those smells and textures . . .
Well, one day perhaps I will go school shopping with kids of my own. So the cycle continues.
I am looking at houses to rent, now. This is really the best way to go in Longmont, as the market for apartments is ridiculously inflated and the flux of people out of the state has left many unsold homes up for rent. Cute little victorians for 800 a month . . . sounds good to me, as soon as I find work.
They asked me in the interview if they thought I was a lucky person. And I said yes. I have always thought so . . . I have always been around people much less fortunate than I, and I know that but for the grace of WHATEVER go I into a free clinic, into a Wal Mart, into a bad marriage, into a dead end job. I look at Iraq, I look at Liberia, and I think, thank GOD I'm not there. But I often think that such an attitude helps nobody. I wish there was more I could do for those people. I wish there was more I could do to get rid of the cause of the problem for all the people who have suffered under this administration. I know who he is. And for what its worth, no matter how uninspiring the Dem candidates are, I am going to cast my vote to get rid of this lying, thieving, violent, anachronistic man. I urge every true compassionate person to do the same.