Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Larry's Look at Life - The Truth about Condoleezza Rice's 9/11 testimony!

Larry's Look at Life - The Truth about Condoleezza Rice's 9/11 testimony!
This is pretty funny.
It's too nice a day to bitch, so I'll let this guy to it for me. It's payday, I got my tax refund, and life is pretty good right now.

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Dubya Debates: Re: Is Bush most dangerous man that has ever lived on the planet?

The Dubya Debates: Re: Is Bush most dangerous man that has ever lived on the planet?
I didn't know Texas had a mafia . . .

I met Condoleeza Rice's law prof yesterday- a great old guy who taught at DU for just about forever. He's not exactly Condi's biggest fan. He said she's lied about her family's party affiliations (her father is not, in fact, a registered Republican but a staunch Democrat, one of many black voters who, during the days of segregation in the South, had to register Republican to vote because the Southern Dems didn't allow blacks in their party) and has lied as a practice ever since.
He said he was the only white person at Condi's Ph. D. graduation party, and was close to her parents and extended family. Condi, he says, never had a boyfriend in college and he believes this is a result of her obsessive self-centeredness.
He is debating whether or not to come forward now in the face of current events, to show her for what she truly is and what her background really shows about her. But in looking at the link above, I don't know whether it would be worth it.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Ingrate Expectations)

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Rumors of War (Ingrate Expectations)
Let me go over some things that despite the fact that they are out and out false, a large number of Americans are convinced of:
- AIM and Microsoft are doing an e-mail testing program that will result in payoffs ranging from $100 to $100,000 if you forward an email to everyone you know.
- Sadaam Hussein orchestrated 9-11.
- Golf is a sport.
- A munchkin hung himself visibily on the set of the Wizard of Oz.
- George W. Bush is doing what is in the best interest of the people of the United States.
- The French hate us.
- All of the Arab countries are essentially the same.
- KFC chicken is "Low Carb," because it says so on the box.
- Britney Spears is musically talented.

I think the main problem here is one that, as a budding journalist, makes me very very afraid. The only reason people believe this crap is because someone tells them it is true. Despite the fact that we live in an age where we can essentially google anything and find a reasonably trustworthy source to substantiate or debunk anything we hear, very few people take the initiative and look into what they are told. It's not difficult . . . it's just that people are a.) Lazy and b.) Too trusting of their sources.
And the sources are frightening. Fox News, (and, to be fair, all news outlets) in its neverending quest to pursue the "fair and balanced" perspective, tells us we have Al Zawahiri surrounded. This was last week. What happened? Did we actually SEE people stationed outside a bunker, rifles at the ready? And where is he, if he's so surrounded? Where did he go? Oh wait, now that Hamas guy is dead. Let's pay attention to that for a while.
We get a lot of letters to the editor here at the paper that clearly show the false conclusions that the current administration has allowed the American people to draw. One woman defends the war in Iraq, saying that "it is not easy to make the best decisions for the people of this nation," and that while she regretted the fact that Iraq was invaded, it was an essential step in the war against terrorism, specifically in response to the 9-11 attacks.
"Sometimes people forget what is right in front of their faces," it said, "and they need to be reminded."
And she has a point- the deception is right in front of our faces, every day. Far too many people are convinced that Sadaam Hussein was directly linked to the 9-11 attacks. What needs to be exposed is the extensive pre-9-11 planning of a war to depose Hussein. It's not hard to find, really, just google it. Rumsfeld was involved, Bush Senior was involved . . . if this were Bill Clinton's dirty laundry, it would have been fair and balanced all over the place. But there are plenty of things that the American people don't care to know, no matter how easy it is to find.
For example:

Pre-9-11 Iraq war plans

Rape allegation against George W. Bush
No, the French really don't hate us.
The hijackers were Egyptian and Saudi, and not backed by Iraq . . .
But that doesn't seem to mean anything to many.
So many people don't seem to mind being lied to. And the sick thing is, Bush will continue to use 9-11 to get anything he wants- from an OK on further "Patriot Act" usurpations of basic civil rights to (let's hope not) a re-election.

Now that I know for sure the French don't hate us, I hope they won't mind when I move in.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Weather Underground: Longmont, Colorado Forecast

Weather Underground: Longmont, Colorado Forecast
I have to say that the sun in the "Overcast" graphic on weather underground either looks like when curiosity got the best of my sister in the Coe College laundry room and she opened the lint trap door OR a seriously stoned sun. Check it out.
But the reason I link to the weather here is because it is lovely. It is exactly the weather I always associate with spring and the end of the school year. Cloudy but warm, the air thick and cozy like a jacket.
I remember when I was about six years old and it was the end of my longest school year ever- I had undergone surgery to repair my punctured eardrum and had a really mean teacher (what posesses really mean people to teach first grade, anyway? A sick desire to break the spirits of six year olds?) and I remember a day like today, gray and warm. The walk to the bus stop was good because I knew it was one of a dwindling number of walks to the bus stop that I'd have to take. The air smelled like what I now know to be a distant pork plant . . . back then it was just what the air smelled like on a cloudy warm day.
There are a number of smells that I associate with that transition of seasons. The Kmart Garden section for one- that mix of soil and chemical fertilizer that permeates the plastic quonset hut they set up each year. Wet dirt. Barbecue smoke. Warm asphalt. Pork plants.
Today the police notes made me laugh- like always. Longmont really should be on "Cops" one of these days as a sort of comic relief.
The police stopped a woman for speeding and found 28 g of pot in her glovebox. When they cuffed her, she asked how much the cuffs cost. When the policeman said "$50," she balked and said she could get them at the adult store for ten. And she suggested he get the ones with feathers so they would be more comfortable.
Sometimes I just love this town.
Tonight: Queer Eye and maybe a thunderstorm. Sounds good to me.
Until next time . . .

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I sing the blog electric!

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
This is the horse that played "Seabiscuit." I just talked today to the man who is boarding him for the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Pretty exciting stuff, these animal celebrities. I guess they are also going to bring "Goliath," the world's tallest horse to Longmont as well.

To the tune of "I Don't Want to Work:"
"I don't want to date! I just want to watch MST3K all day!"

My former co-worker, Claudia and I were discussing this. She had also been the subject of an attempted set-up by a coworker at a temp job she'd had. The woman responsible wanted her to meet her son "at Bennigan's after work."

Claudia wasn't interested in Bennigan's, I'm no longer interested in Mr. "I'm too cool for coffeeshops," (the son of my coworker). . . and the more I think of the notion of relationships that eventually involve living with someone, even the most romantic of scenarios embody an undertone of invasion. I don't want someone else eating my food and using my bathroom! Is this independence? Immaturity? Both?
I think my ideal relationship would be one where the other person was a state or two away. Forever.

Well, back to work. I can never blog on demand like I used to, so I always forget what it was I was going to post by the time I have time to write it up. So if these seem even more random and disjointed lately . . . well, that's because they are more random and disjointed.
Until next time . . .

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Study: Nalgene plastic may be harmful

Study: Nalgene plastic may be harmful
This is kinda funny. Since I just stole a Nalgene bottle from the unclaimed dishes cupboard ad work. I was thirsty and needed more than a "world's best Dad" mug's worth of water . . .

They're so damn trendy, these bottles. It's gotten so most of the population of Boulder County suckles them like little hamsters. I've never thought I needed a water bottle to be cool. But I feel infinitely cooler having pilfered my Nalgene rather than shelled out $8 to $13 bucks for one. Now I'll have to plaster it with stickers that prove just how cool I am. I need to find one that says "I stole this Nalgene bottle," that would be the ultimate in cool.

I got invited to the reporter's night out on Saturday night. Cool that I'm officially "part of the team," uncool that they are all heading out to the Rio in Boulder. Ew. The Rio is so smarmy it even SMELLS anonymous and tawdry. Like Margaritas, cheap perfume, and lack of self-respect. Ew. I'll have to consider this carefully . . .

Got two Italian obits today- Liberatore and Rossi. Rossi was in sanitation. Riiight. Liberatore was 73, single, and enjoyed collecting miniature furniture. I have made it my goal to have my obituary read a little more rivetingly than that.

Even if I die single, I hope I have more to show for my solo life than a collection of miniature furniture. I can just imagine her family parsing through her estate. Who wants the tiny Chippendale bureau? Nobody? Well, perhaps we should start a museum . . . it would be like a really small version of that last scene in Citizen Kane.

I'm bad . . . so bad. But when you are daily reminded of your own mortality, you have to keep the mood upbeat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Rain, Writing, Voices from the Past.

It's raining and I have no umbrella. The occupants of the homes I walk by already think I'm crazy (what kind of a person WALKS to work in George W. Bush's America? It's downright unpatriotic!) and now I'll be crazy in the rain. Which is worse, somehow.

The entertainment editor, who is a sweet round platinum blonde woman who is a recording jazz vocalist with a cutting sense of humor, has said she wants me to let her know when I have time to possibly write some stories for her. Hooray! Granted, entertainment around here is a little limited, but I think I could definitely see myself in that field. I am at once sophisticated and very easily entertained. Ask my mom. Yesterday at lunch we were doing our regular bitch session about the president and reading the news. I turned the page after a tirade on the war, and saw a coupon for a free cookie. "Hey! Free Cookie!" I said.

I think that exchange says a lot about me.

I always thought I'd be happy just as long as I was writing. But now I know that I'd be happier writing about something I actually care about. I care about the obituary people- they are all interesting in their own ways- if only for the things that are NOT said in the paperwork we get. I like to imagine it as I go along . . . "Susan was a homemaker," it says. "Susan would have like to be a ballerina, but when Bob came to her and asked her to marry him, she knew that dream would never come true," I think.

I now know that I couldn't work at McClain Finlon. I couldn't have those kinds of tangential daydreams when writing about construction materials. Construction materials can't have broken dreams or lost loves or beginnings in immigrant neighborhoods on the East Coast. And hey, who knows- down the road I could be West Coast Associate Editor for Entertainment Weekly or something. Interviewing Orlando Bloom. Oh yeah.

Laura Farmer emailed me a couple of days ago and I've been to busy to get back to her. But I finally did today. She's doing the fiction program at Syracuse, probably will be the next Vonnegut or something. Grad school- that's one of those things I just can't decide about. The general consensus is that a J-school degree is a waste of time and money. I don't even know what I'd study. Law? No, I don't have faith in our legal system. Politics? A career in political writing could be cool but frustrating as well. Not having a part in real change, just writing about it. Although the media is very powerful. Especially now . . .

Grad school is something I'd like to have a real plan for going into it, not just a vague idea. I've gone into everything in my life with a "vague idea"- college, the workforce . . . I'd like to have something of an outline before blowing another 120K on school.

Ah well, I've got dead people to write about. They don't know they're dead (Just saw the Sixth Sense. Was disappointed.).
Until next time . . .

Friday, March 05, 2004

I like my new job

What I get Paid to Do
Week two of the new job. It's good- I get paid to look up concerts, films, plays, etc. in the area- a nice change from zoning out on the web and fearing the wrath of irrational IBM salespeople.

My co-worker is trying desperately to set me up with her son, which may or may not be a positive thing but I'm going to go against my usual path of resistance and see where it takes me. He actually sounds like an interesting person. And I have met with what one might call a dearth of interesting people in the past several months . . . there are just so many people in this world who don't even try to be interesting.

Who knows. The sunset is really gorgeous today- it has been a really beautiful day altogether. I walked to work (yay!) amidst snow-covered trees and complete stillness. It looked like a Japanese woodcut print outside.

It's Friday. I know why they call it Friday now. I'm fried. It's been a long day but the weeks go by faster and I don't have time to zone out on the internet anymore. This is good. This is why no blogging. I'm busy and that's a good thing.

I'm realizing how much I missed the noise and clamor of these kinds of places. Leopard was so quiet.

So tired. Gotta go. But yeah, this is good. Life is good again.