Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - U.S. - Report: Rumsfeld OK'd Program Encouraging Physical Coercion

Yahoo! News Full Coverage - U.S. - Report: Rumsfeld OK'd Program Encouraging Physical Coercion

Geneva convention what? Sounds like something those pansies over in Old Europe devised to keep us Americans from rightfully exercising our rights to crush nations of brown people under our bootheels. I've got a better idea. Since we've already effectively removed ourselves from the U.N., trampled on international laws of engagement, and sparked a preemptive war a la minority report, it's clear that the US only operates by one set of rules: the ones we make the hell up.

I am having another one of those moments where I'm just overwhelmed by my own distress at the world's direction. At first, it was just irritating that the administration had decided to denegrate the integrity of such institutions as the UN, such notions as diplomacy, such concepts as dialogue and multilateralism. Now it's frightening. Now we're saying that we can physically, mentally and sexually abuse people if it is to our advantage. Now there's no limit to how bad this can get.

The Geneva convention was established for a reason- as the world became more barbaric, nations stood up and said there were certain rules that we should abide by, even in our most chaotic circumstances. These nations took the high road, they saw that there was a better way to conduct themselves, even in war. They saw that there was an empirical idea of humanity that deserved preservation.

And now, in a time when we are supposed to be more civilized than ever, in a time when we are supposed to be working toward democracy and freedom for all, decisions such as Rumsfelds are made that completely undermine everything the Geneva convention stood for. And in my mind, everything that America is supposed to stand for.

But these are two different Americas-
The America of theory is one in which we are all created equal, where we can all acheive our dreams with enough perserverance and hard work. The America of theory is one that offers freedom and refuge to those who are willing to work for it. The America of theory is the benevolent world superpower, supporting the sick and dying of other nations as it does its own.

The America of reality "liberates" nations by deploying troops and corporations to obliterate and infect and dominate. It has turned its back on those seeking shelter and safety within its borders. It has forsaken ties with the world in order to exist as a globalizing corporate juggernaut. It has ignored the basic principals of human conduct in favor of inflicting terror in its own right.

As Moby once said, everything is wrong.

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