Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Born to be blog

I'm not running on all cylinders today, to be sure. So no Sedaris-esque observational humor is to be had- I'll be lucky if I can pull off anything funnier than a Viet Nam film festival today.
I wasn't even in a bad mood today and Val pissed me off. The day before I left for Iowa, she had made all these promises to a representative for a local nursing home, saying she would make sure that an engagement and wedding between two elderly residents of the home would be covered and given reporter and photographer coverage. I tried to gently say that neither could be guaranteed, but Val was adamant. Not that she has ANY jurisdiction over these things.
So of course the City Editor said no, no story, there's no room, and we need to scale back on human interest stuff considering the upcoming elections, yadda yadda. Stuff I tried to say before.
So I didn't feel bad at all when Val was all steamed when one of her Ebay purchases came in the mail. She'd made an attempt at ordering a spoon ring- one of those rings made from the end of an antique spoon. Instead, in the mail, was a receipt for $13.95, and an advertisement from a 1961 magazine featuring a picture of a spoon next to a ring, some early, Kennedy-era advert for a silver pattern, using a wedding ring in its graphics. Ha. She spent $13.95 on a piece of 40-year-old paper.
I told her she needed to pay more attention, to be sure she knew what she was getting, and laughed to myself. Ignorant people are funny.
Gotta go- 6 o'clock, and time for laundry and queer eye. Fun!

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