Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Over the wine-dark sea, gray-eyed Athena . . .

Okay. So I did a crazy little impulsive thing and sent an email to a man hiring a secretary for the Olympiad of the Mind program. The job would be in Crete.

Now, with a name like Cassandra (Greek: Helper of Men, Disbelieved by Men, Prophet of Doom) I can't help but be a little obsessed with all things Hellenic. Or post-Hellenic like the Greek Soccer Team and Gyros. Mmm. Gyros.

This morning I received a note from Mr. Haidemenakis himself, very cordially asking me to submit my information as soon as possible for the position. Have you ever been to Crete? he asked . . .

So now I'm just trying to sort things out- here is the opportunity of a lifetime. Also an opportunity to have to spend lots of money to get over there (If I were to stay for the full year my airfare would be reimbursed up to 600 Euros). Also an opportunity to have an adventure of the kind you don't get to have once you have mortgages, kids, etc.

The kind of adventure only single 20-somethings have the luxury to accept.

There are all the practical considerations, like how I don't speak a word of Greek, like how I informally promised to stay on at the TC for a year, how I'll have to sublet my apartment and move all my stuff someplace else (the job will include housing and board, much like Lizzie had in Yellowstone). Bottom line is that I am probably going to send my CV and my information to Haidemenakis but I will have a lot of stuff to consider if I am accepted.

In the meantime, I keep thinking about my life here. Today on the police scanner, a complaint was filed by a woman who thinks her neighbor's hot tub motor violates the noise ordinance. I have got to get out of this town . . . but is it wise to get out of this country?

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