Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hunter S. Thompson: Bank robber.

The one that got away -- 13 times
This kind of tickled me. I love Minnesotan news.

I am sort of pining for the fjords, so to speak, for a move, a change, especially to the midwest.

So, mini celebration for me. Eight obits yesterday (a record) and no phone calls this morning. I did eight obits, edited them myself, and made no mistakes. I RULE (a la Kevin Spacey).

Another busy day today, more training for my assistant.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

too cute

My stupid music teachers in school never let us do stuff like this. We had to sing Art Guthrie and Whitney Houston. But this is adorable:

This will take a while to load in Quicktime, but I had to spread this along. After all, as Whitney said, the children ARE our future.

The little-known third category

All in all, I have to say that Al Gore is a surprisingly good sport. And all in all, for a party that is continually attacked for being cynical and critical, what a party that convention was. Everyone seemed very excited and optimistic (well, in a weird way, Carter seemed a bit bitter, but I would be too if all of my Nobel-Prize winning foreign policy was being continually flushed down the crapper by a smirking frat boy who can't pronounce "nuclear").

Damn, Bill Clinton is good. I was discussing with the family a while back about how I can definitely see why women would be attracted to him. He's not really conventionally attractive but he has that fascinating, erudite-Elvis persona that is pretty irresistable. Too bad he had a bit of a resistance problem himself. Oh well. I thought it was funny how the commentators made a big deal of how he and Hillary didn't kiss after she introduced him. So what? They're better as business partners than as a married couple, I think, and I doubt either of them are unaware of that fact.

I don't know what it is about the Republican wives. They are all so Stepford. If I was talking to Glenn Close at a party, I'd ask her if she went more for Mamie or Laura in her portrayal of the queen Stepford wife. I can just imagine her doing her method acting stuff, shadowing Laura Bush, trying to really get into the day-to-day life of the grinning Republican wifebot.

I've got a stack of business briefs to work on, so light blogging today, but finally I'm getting some serious nibbles on the car thing. I am hoping to at least be able to enjoy a convertible during Colorado's Indian Summer days . . . which are again approaching pretty soon.

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

concealed weapons vs. vibrators

Okay. So, in Texas it is perfectly legal for a person to carry a concealed weapon . . . even into a house of worship (unless the staff of said house of worship posts a sign forbidding it) but this woman faced actual jail time for selling sex toys at a Tupperware-style party at her home.
This is what REALLY scares Republicans. Not the fact that any nut job on the street in Houston could blow your freakin head off . . . but the idea that women might actually have some control and knowledge of their own sexuality.
Freaky freaky weird world.
The other day it was raining when I walked home and I saw that there was a funeral going on at Ahlberg, which is next door. Next door to that is a big Victorian house that people can rent out for events and there was a wedding party frantically folding up chairs and bringing the party inside. It's kind of funny, in a way- rain is such perfect weather for a funeral but right at that moment, a wedding also was going on. But in a greater sense, those things are always going on side by side, and the weather can't be perfect for everyone.
I think I think too much.
Frankie the goldfish is doing fine, after one more resurrection from the gasping sidestroke. Poor thing. But I think he's going to make it.
My horoscope has been telling me to be more contemplative of my future. So I've been thinking about what will happen once Amy gets back. I'm thinking it's going to go fast, these next eight months. Hey, it's already been a month, as of today, that I've been taking care of the two jobs myself. And it will be just two more months before I'll have to really reevaluate. If I don't get to do something a bit more challenging and more advantageous to my future, I've got to get out of here. And really, just looking around, I've noticed that the ONLY female editor here is Joyce, the Entertainment editor. It doesn't look too promising for a newcomer to join the old boys club that is the editorial staff . . . plus I am getting tired of walking by my English teachers' house and my old deli job boss's house (and irritating dog) every day on my way to work. I think that by Fall I'm going to be very ready for a big change.

Monday, July 19, 2004

miracle fish?

Okay, so I put my fishies in a new old container- a big brandy snifter that had been my parents. We've been cleaning out the garage and finding all kinds of interesting things.
So, the fish seemed happy enough in their new home until, bam, I come home and find Sammy doing the backstroke. Bummer. Then this morning, I find Frankie on his side. Still swimming, but definitely not looking so hot.
Back into his old bowl, as a last-ditch effort. He seemed to recover a bit before I left home, but I fully expected to come home to a dead fish on my lunch break.
Instead . . . Frankie's swimming along in his same old, slow, weird way. Miracle fish.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Poor Man: Lie For 7/13/04 - # 20 In An Infinite Series

The Poor Man: Lie For 7/13/04 - # 20 In An Infinite Series

Bush says he's "done more for human rights" than any other president in history. Further proof that reading "My Pet Goat" during the first minutes of the 9/11 tragedy was probably the most reading Bushie had done in a long time. And probably the most he's done since.

If he were any dumber he'd need a helmet.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Getting the fall jones already . . .

It is so hot. It is this time of year I get sick of the heat and just want to see the leaves turn.

It is hot and dry and gross out there and the last thing I want to do is get in that f%&*ing Cutlass with the black interior.
I found out today that the car I LOVE (white BMW convertible with a straight six and red leather interior) has 185 thousand miles on it. But a stack of service receipts like a phone book. Wondering if it's worth it. Red leather interior. Straight six. Convertible. It might be worth it . . .

Watched Meet the Press the other day and a poll stated that only 38 percent of Americans think that Cheney would be a good president. This is good but it still means that slightly more than one out of every three people think that this dude is able to lead the nation. But I think that this is one of the few elections where the vice presidential candidate could be among the deciding elements. I mean, who really cared about Dan Quayle? Al Gore? And even Cheney, in 2000? But now we know what Cheney's about and it's scary. He's a quasi-robotic, penguin-esque captain of industry with Tourette's Syndrome. Talk about your living, breathing nightmare. You know, they only think he has all these heart problems. It's actually just the kinks he's had to work out since having his heart surgically removed. It's much easier to be a Republican without one.

What's new with me? Well, I got a raise (hence the BMW talk, I would be able to afford a slightly bigger car payment) and my birthday is less than a month away. I want to go shopping at Cherry Creek and eat at Piatti's. Perhaps this can be my new tradition? But what I really want for my birthday is for my car to sell, a new car to come my way(come on, convertible), and for the polls to be radically drawn leftward. Go Kerry Edwards! The Johns in 2004!!

It's a dirty, job, but someone's got to do it.

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