Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush takes the high road- and doesn't fall off his bike!

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Bush Dismisses Idea That Kerry Lied on Vietnam

I've got to throw him a bit of a bone here. He made a complete sentence that made sense. Good for him.

Although he did not condemn the ads that have been coming out, at least he's making a half-hearted attempt at distancing himself from them.

I guess that's kind of a slippery slope, though. Most Republicans I know follow this line of reasoning: Bush could have done a lot worse. But that's a pretty cynical way of looking at things. Bush was given plenty of opportunities to make things better. He surrounded himself with positive influences, smart people who held a lot of influence. But then, he systematically ignored these people and screwed up his opportunities. To argue that Mr. Bush has done the best he could may be true, but that really doesn't make things any better. I once heard a comedian compare the Bush administration's supporters to spectators at the Special Olympics. They aren't there because they know the competitors are the best of the best, they are there because they are doing the best that they can. I guess that's okay on some level, to some people (such as in the case of the actual Special Olympics) but why should we support someone who is doing the best he can when he's clearly completely unqualified for the job?

And I'm not entirely sure he's doing the best he can, in the truest sense. He's doing what's best for certain people. Certain people who are smarter than him. That would make for an interesting survey. Call up around 1000 people at random in the U.S. and ask if they think President Bush is doing the best that he is capable of doing in his job. Then ask them if they think that's good enough.


  1. I just don't understand that mindset, I don't understand how prevalant it seems to be. He is so obviously a puppet, but people just don't care. I mean, the man doesn't have an original thought in his head, the only thing he can seem to do on his own is get drunk and completely abuse the English language.

    Though, after saying all that... maybe they do know he's a puppet. To think otherwise is a little too scary to consider...

  2. Hi Cassandra,
    I noticed your are ant-Bush and I have a link for you to read....very disturbing and I hope the book comes out soon. Pass this around if you like it.