Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Home Page Republicans for John Kerry

Home Page Republicans for John Kerry


I like this a lot because what I often used to like about Republicans (old school, Eisenhower type Republicans) is that they occupied themselves with the politics of the big, rather than the politics of the little. Back in the day, liberals used to irritate me because they seemed to fight for the minutiae of things. While Kosovo was being bombed, they were angry about detail politics, like Nike's sweatshop issues or getting legislature passed that okayed public breast feeding (admittedly, I lived in Boulder at the time this all was going on, where minutiae is king). But I like this site because the tables have turned. Republicans are trying to confuse their voters by advocating the lives of stem cells while democrats are trying to find a way to regain our global reputation for stability and equality.

I particularly like this point:
"I have come to believe that the Bush Administration, because of its "bias toward war," does not deserve re-election, and in fact, it deserves to be booted out of office, because starting a war, especially on the reasoning and the processes that led it to this [Iraq] war, is a morally repugnant thing to do.

It is one thing for a Republican presidential administration to get into office and not be able to do much about the current abortion situation. It is quite another to start a war, and further, to set a precedent for using armed conflict as anything but a last, last resort in managing foreign policy."

And I can just hear the righty retort on this.
Oh, so it would have been okay to leave Sadaam in power?
No, but if we take out Sadaam just because he's bad, doesn't that implicitly obligate us to take out every other dictator on the planet?
Well, if they pose an iminent threat we're just supposed to sit back and take it?
How do you define a threat?
If they have weapons and don't like the United States, they are a threat.
Okay, so, depending on what you define as weapons, that means we're threatened by like, the Netherlands, France, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and not to mention Iran and North Korea. And probably we could count heavily libertarian groups within the United States as a threat, too- they have all kinds of weapons and anger. We can't just systematically wipe out everyone who might disagree with us.
Why not?

But I like the Republicans for Kerry site. Godspeed to them.

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