Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Why today is cool

-It is the day before my birthday
-It is voting day for the primaries (GO MIKE MILES! GO STAN MATSUNAKA!)
-I will have two items in the next two weeks' papers
-Tonight is Queer Eye night

Ah, the life of the easily entertained.

I read a piece today on MakesMeRalph about just what women went through in their struggles to gain the right to vote. It is actually pretty sickening. We must remember that at one time, America was no better in regards to the way it treated women than say, the Taliban. And we also must remember that eventually, we fought hard enough and long enough to make that change. In fact, it is during election years that I am particularly proud to live in a nation that has been able to fight archaic ideas, oppressive notions and mob rule in the name of freedom. We miss the mark sometimes, as Americans, but nobody can argue with the fact that freedom is just a generally good idea.

Colorado women actually won the vote earlier than many other states- but in the West things were a little different. In the Libertarian spirit the West has become famous for, both Wyoming and Colorado women gained suffrage in 1869 and 1893, respectively. And because there were few women in these states at the time, the percieved danger of allowing them to vote was minimal. Why were things so different back in the "civilized" East, I wonder?

I'd love to muse some more but work calls. Until next time . . .

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