Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The last man to die for a mistake

Okay, so I just saw "Going Upriver" and now I have even more respect for John Kerry than before. Mostly because he seems to me to be the consummate public servant. But also because he is the kind of person you want in politics- someone who has always wanted to fight the good fight. He just cuts such an amazing figure as a soft-spoken but gutsy kid in army fatigues who went up against the scariest Republicans and simply said that something had to change, and that the government had no business trying to save face at the cost of lives.

What's intriguing is that the same people that tried to destroy him then are the same people who are trying to destroy him now. Bush is just a very cartoonish version of Nixon, secretive and sneaky and ultimately drunk with power. Cheney has a distinctive Nixonian air, and nothing more or less should be expected from someone who worked as closely as he did with the original Tricky Dick. I think the Republicans are right to fear John Kerry- because he's dealt with them all before. And he ultimately was vindicated. No matter how many fake swift boat vets Karl Rove can pull out of the air, no matter how many attacks Bush can make on Kerry's supposed "flip flopping," Kerry's seen it before, and from much scarier folks than the Smunkey in Chief (smug+monkey=smunkey).

It was an inspiring movie, and made me see that Kerry is not only our only alternative to Bush, he's a great politician and a good man as well. We can only hope that his vast intellectual, political and personal superiority is enought to carry the day in November.

I would think that someone like Kerry, who is obviously now and always has been a little leery of governments overstepping their bounds, would appeal to the last great Libertarian Republicans. Let's hope so.

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