Friday, October 01, 2004

New car = smarter than me.

Okay. So. Got the Check Engine light off, no problem. Disconnect the battery, wait an hour, reconnect. No light. But no radio. It flashes "Code In" on the display.

Off to the online bulletin boards. Security feature, they say. If the radio is stolen, it won't work without the code. Ok . . .

Run to the mechanic. She says she'll be there till noon. She's not there at 11:30. Damn!

Ask the handsome mechanic next door at the Racing mod workshop. Five minutes later, I've got a code and I'm heading home listening to Pink Floyd on my overly secured factory radio.

I'm so not used to the world of O2 sensors, security codes, onboard computers . . .

In other words, I think our president looked like a flustered little monkey on TV last night. I think Kerry pretty much ran over him, backed up (beep beep) and ran over him again. But I fear that this is a victory that will be too subtle for many Americans to see.

How, do you ask, can someone be subtly steamrolled? Well, it's an unfortunate truth that our President can't engage in any kind of higher level communication beyond parroting certain notions and talking points that he has been fed. And it is another unfortunate truth that his obstinate repetition of said talking points is mistaken by many as resolution, as standing one's ground. And it is further an unfortunate truth that many Americans are threatened by and suspicious of intellectualism and subtlety as a whole. So while I see a victory, while I see how Kerry basically bated the bear and fought him back with every intellectual weapon he had at his disposal, many will see a suspicious elitist with a lot of big words to say, up against a good old boy who sticks to his guns.

Have I mentioned that this is unfortunate?

I don't honestly know that America can withstand another Bush term in office. And I shudder to imagine just who would come after him- Cheney? Rumsfeld? The thought of a President Ashcroft is too horrible to bear, but what's to stop the GOP if the Bush administration heads into a second term. I foresee the dissolution of the line between church and state, the ruin of Roe V. Wade as we know it, the downfall of the cause of the ACLU, the shattering of any environmental progress we made during the Clinton years, a failed Iraq and a destructive domino effect in the greater Mid-East. I see further allies turning away- China, Japan, others . . .

I don't see how Republican voters can be OK with all of this. You don't just get the tender, juicy parts of an administration (tax cuts, for some, the reversal of Roe V. Wade being a positive step . . . these are the juicy parts). You have to live with the whole thing. The war. The constant surveillance. The destruction of our environment. You have to weigh all of the parts of an administration in your decision, and I just don't see how Republicans can balance a clusterf*&k of a war and the silliest of tax cuts and somehow see it come out even.

Tons of letters in the Opinion email today, claiming a Kerry victory. Perhaps Longmont's not as backward as it sometimes seems.

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