Wednesday, October 13, 2004

To tie it all up

I think this was another one where there was really no clear winner. This debate was very similar to the others, Bush stammering along, Kerry remaining on his talking points. I doubt, as many of the pundits on TV also doubt, that many minds will be changed in the election by this debate.

But the basics remain the same. No matter how well he defends it, the President has a record of failure. He will maintain appeal with the evangelical Christians and die-hard Republicans who just will not vote any other way. But for all his folksy faithful vernacular, Bush will probably not win over any undecided voter who has:

-lost a job to outsourcing
-lost a family member in Iraq
-children in afer-school programs
-children in under-funded schools
-lived or traveled abroad in an immersive fashion
-family or friends living abroad
-ever had a family member killed by an assault weapon
-a gay long-term companion or any gay friends or relatives
-any concern for environmental issues
-ever tried to gain entry into a college and has wondered about affirmative action
-attended school with illegal immigrant children
-ever had an unwanted pregnancy (this one is iffy)
-lost health insurance
-aetheistic beliefs

The thing is, a ton of people are registering RIGHT NOW, and I have doubts that the reason for this is that more people want to reassure the incumbent's reelection. These are people that want a change. Although I can't point to any one moment in the debates that show me that one man will win in a landslide, I believe that Kerry had a real chance to show his colors, show his real character. I think that more undecided voters will probably see that Kerry is more of the consummate politician, and anyone who knows his background in protest should see that he has always fought the good fight. I hope.

But why o why does Bush keep saying "Liberal" like it's a bad thing??


  1. Hi Cassandra,
    I am new to blogging and some how I ended up on your site. Anyway, I have read some of your posts and you are very funny, sarcastic and intelligent. You had me laughing a lot.

    As far as Bush goes, there are a lot of Canadians who hope this is the end of the line for George W. He never chased the terrorists after 9/11 and totally ignored warnings from Bill Clinton when he came to power about terrorist actions and organizations. His goal is to make war, 9/11 was a good excuse to finish what his father started.

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  3. Couldn't agree with you more, Paul. And it's always good to hear what our neighbors to the North have to think about things . . .
    Thanks for commenting!