Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fallujah is hell on earth, say Iraqis - Iraq -

Fallujah is hell on earth, say Iraqis - Iraq -

Okay. Imagine for a moment what this must be like.

One moment you are living in your rough city of nearly 300,000 (think Witchita or Toledo or Cincinnati). Next moment it is taken over by an insurgency seeking a stronghold after the Bagdad invasion. Suddenly they are burning and hanging the bodies of American soldiers in the streets. Months later the fighting has gone so badly that most of your friends have fled for other cities and everyone knows that the rebel leaders are long gone but for some reason they keep fighting.

The population in your city dwindles and you fall asleep to the sound of RPG fire close enough that the glass left in your window rattles. There has been fighting in the streets for a long time but now almost everyone has left. You can't remember when the water stopped running, but it has been gone for some time now. You remember when electricity was intermittent, but now it's gone.

We forget, here, what it is like to have this happening in your homeland. No matter how you feel about the war, it is important to know what it must feel like about the innocent people who are just trying to live in Iraq right now. The perception that all Iraqis are either fighting with us or fighting against us is inaccurate- plenty of them are just trying to live around the war, carry on their lives, dodge the constant explosions.

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  1. Great book called Eyewitness to History has 1st-person articles about Dresden being fire-bombed in WWII, among others, that tell what it was really like. It should be required reading in schools.

    I recall (in the 1970s!) fears that the Soviet Union's old guard would die off over time, and that the younger generation of military leaders, who had never experienced global war, would be more aggressive and dangerous to the U.S. Sound like anyone in Washington, DC?