Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Adventures in blogsurfing

Blogs worth reading:

A Soldier's Christmas Eve.

An Iraqi girl's day to day life.

That rare bird, the Texan Liberal (coincidentally, he lives in the same Dallas Burb as a high school friend of mine, home of the baseball team he works for, the RoughRiders or something like that.

A nice girl, a very opinionated aussie.

An incredibly philosophical scientist.

Blogs not really worth reading, remarkable only for the fact that they exist:

A site devoted to Air Purifiers.

A man who knits- and isn't afraid to say so.

A 13-year old who thinks he's cool (and lists "myself" as one of his "interests")

Your average Atrios Troll. His name is Jeremy and he thinks Sean Hannity and Halo are ROCKIN!

Gotta love that "next blog" button up there at the top. Give it a spin! Wheee!

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