Friday, January 28, 2005

Aljazeera.Net - British soldier regrets abuse silence

Aljazeera.Net - British soldier regrets abuse silence

Wow. This is something you won't see on CNN.

The Brits admit that detainees were treated in a matter that contradicts the Geneva Conventions.

What is it going to take for this administration to step up to the plate and do the same?

I know, I know, how charmingly idealistic of me to think that anyone in charge right now would admit a mistake if they'd stuck a fork in a socket and set their hair on fire.

They'd come up with something like "It was the right decision at the time."

By the by, this sounds familiar. From British Sergeant Tom Symon:

But he had not felt able to contradict an order from a higher officer. "In my own mind, I probably believed it was wrong, but who was I to say at the time? I was just doing what I was told," he said.

I'm reading Catch 22 right now, and I am beginning to understand the inherently paradoxical nature of military service. Despite this fellow's remorse, and his reservations about doing it, following orders is the No. 1 directive of the lower-ranking officer. Good and Evil doesn't enter into it- it's about obedience.

And what the hell was Cheney thinking? That Auschwitz had some kickass snowmobiling and he wouldn't have time to change after attending the ceremony before tearing it up on the trails?

In case you didn't see, here's the "look" that F-bomb was sporting at the Auschwitz anniversary ceremonies (this IS the kind of thing you find at CNN):

I've said it before, but even without the tawdry sex affairs, this administration has all the class of a Texas A&M kegger. Jesus Christ.

Catblogging to follow. Once my head stops reeling.

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  1. He was going ice fishing in the Baltic later with Bad Vlad.