Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Evolutionary news: 13 Democrats grow a spine


As pleased as I am that these folks- 13 of them in all- said a collective "No Dice, Dr. Rice," I'm still a wee bit pissed off by our more inexperienced Senators. Hello, Feingold and Obama, and HOLA, Ken Salazar?!?! How bad does someone have to be at their job before you call them out on it?

But I guess we'll be asking that question for oh, another four years or so.

Meantime, I'm pleased with Kerry, Boxer, et al. But I can already smell the GOP's answer to Senator Byrd's Vote. Let's see, it starts with a K, and ends with an, um, K. There's another K in there somewhere.

Funny how they used to be the ones that would say that WE race-bait?

I think what we have learned, and will continue to learn during the next four years, is that Rove's plan to play the race card and try to make these incompetent and really, in Gonzales' case, at least mildly evil, people unassailable by the Democrats will backfire. These people have a track record of spectacular failure and will continue to fail in spectacular ways. There has to be a point at which color stops entering into the equation.

At any rate- from the truly terrifying letters to the editor department:
I've recently seen several deluded letters calling President Bush a liar, simply because the liberal sheep can't remember that the President laid out fifteen, count them, fifteen seperate reasons why we should engage in Iraq. Perhaps a review of his speech of Sept. 15, 2001 would be in order, but most liberals can't distinguish the truth from lies, so perhaps it's a lost cause.

Let's see: Ted "the Swimmer" Kennedy bought his way out of a manslaughter conviction AND LIED ABOUT IT; Barbara Boxer is an obnoxious, lying bomb-thrower who finds it expedient to blatantly lie about her opponents; Joe Biden plagerized JFK during his one presidential attempt; Charles Schumer constantly lies about guns and who uses them; and there are countless others in the Democrat party who resort to falsehood and mendacity to forward their causes. Yet their followers numbly swallow everything the Dems say hook, line, and sinker, re-elect them, and never question what they are told. These are perfect candidates for a totalitarian society, because they don't have the sense to question anything their people say. Now, lying is a standard tool of many politicians on both sides. Fortunately, President Bush is not one of them, despite the ridiculous level of propaganda leveled against him..

A political party with the long-term reputation of bald-faced lies, the standard tool of the Democrats, should not be judging anyone else's honesty, since they have none, repeat NONE, themselves. And their followers, blind sheep all, should spend more time investigating their standard-bearers, so they don't continue to look like gullible chumps.

A stickler for honesty, for sure. Funny, do sheep know they are sheep?


  1. Rice hasn't lied to Obama and Salazar yet. Yet.


  2. wow, i didn't relize there were people just like me only on the other side... scary. and its funny that you said spine... i kept saying they had newly acquired a different body part... a little further south...