Monday, January 10, 2005

Foxblocker- the V-chip for people who have free will

FOXBlocker - Keep The Radical Right Out Your Home By Filtering Out FOX News!

This is too great. It actually filters the FOX news network off of your TV and when you order it, it sends an e-mail to Fox saying that yet another member of the viewing public won't put up with their righty crap.

As entertaining as the concept is, of course, the cute little gizmo won't keep FOX's message from reaching those who love it the most. Unless, we pull a Soros and have it installed on all television sets.


The concept will sell big but nothing will change. What really should be done is that cable should offer an a la carte channel list where you can vote with your cable money (with the Foxblocker, you're still paying for your cable, and still paying for a channel you won't get) and most ignorant people, who don't really watch or read the news anyway, won't get their brains washed by Rupert Murdoch because they'd rather check the box for Speed Network, CMT and TLC and learn about motorcycles and babies and makeovers.

My roomie is considering getting cable, which costs about $70 around here (one game in town, a total monopoly) but I'm trying to strike a deal with her where I'll pay for the phone bill but not the cable bill, and we'll both use each one. I can't stand most TV so it should work out just fine. I can't deal with paying for cable- it just feels wrong when most of what's on there is stuff I won't even watch.

But, the Foxblocker is interesting only in that it will be a hot seller if only for doing automatically what all thinking people should do voluntarily- skipping right over the biased bull that's slung on FOX. Now if only there was something that would play Simpsons snippets during Cialis commercials, plastic-surgery based reality shows and the President's TV appearances. That would be cool.

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  1. I just remove that channel from the remote with the TV menu, or the DVD remote menu, whichever. You'll never miss it. Preview channel is great, it saves any time wasted surfing. But why leave the channels-you-should-get-a-refund-for out there if you don't have to?