Monday, January 24, 2005

My very first troll

Being inexperienced, I first deleted his comments. Then, I thought, you know, in the interests of dialogue, I should really have left them in.

In response to my neuticles-for-your-vehicle post, he wrote:
I see...when you disagree with someone he/she is gross. You lefties are the true facists. No wonder you people keep losing elections.

And in response to my protest pictures post, he wrote:
These protesters who use and abuse the names of those killed in action by Islamofacist are doing nothing more but dishonoring them. These young men who you think your "standing up" for are actually the same as the people you scorn because they most likely voted conservative, live in a "red" state, believe in a god, and have traditional values. I remember many of us, while I was deployed to Iraq, laughed at these people.

I'm not going to feed the troll by engaging in any real back-and-forth here, but I thought these specimens should be preserved for posterity. Like putting them in my baby book or something.


  1. he's got a point about you being a facist - the nazis even had a propaganda campaign slogan, "juden ist sehr grossen!"

    i saw on that calling people "gross," or just even disagreeing with them, is one of the "10 signs that you might be in a dating rut or a facist."

    and abraham lincoln or spiro agnew would totally be okay with a fake-testicles-car-de-odorizer. sheesh.

  2. If you have trolls, that just means you're actually making a stand. Congratulations, hon! :)