Monday, January 24, 2005

Nations Ranked as Protectors of the Environment

Index of Environmental Sustainability

Just a quickie today.

It looks like the nations who do a better job protecting the environment number 44 and include such stellar stewards of the Earth as Russia (Cherynoble, anyone?), Botswana and Japan (Japan!).

The full 2005 list is not yet online, but the 2002 listing is. Among those who do better than the US were:


My point? Nations who utilize slash and burn to clear the rainforest, who use nuclear as their prime power source and nations who are still crawling out of third-world status via 40-year-old coal technologies do better than the United States.

My other point- if you have a look at the very bottom, you have nearly every OPEC member, the major oil-producing nations. Further evidence to suggest that oil is the least sustainable fuel upon which to build an economy.


The list makes me think on a global scale, like each nation is a citizen of a city. Up at the top you have the clean-living yuppies like Finland and Norway who drive Volvos and support gay marriage and loose marijuana laws. Then you have the fat "I don't care" type countries like the U.S. and Germany who drive big trucks and sedans and eat a lot of sausage and potatoes. You still have the UK, smoking a pipe and declaring that the sun never sets! despite a rank of 91. Then you have the shifty, corrupt bad-neighborhood types at the very bottom, oil mafia gang leaders that live in the dirty part of town, the nations nobody talks to the kids about but the nations everyone has to deal with in order to get their "fix."

In other news, it looks like Bushie's got a tough row to hoe- even within his own party.

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