Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Empty Nests, and Hearts

David Brooks is a tool.

Ugh. This guy . . . I can't believe that he gets paid to tell women that we should hunker down and start breeding, or by the time we're 40 we'll be hollow shadows of humans, barely able to keep our heads above the gulf of "profound, self-encompassing sadness" that we have created for ourselves.

Who is he to say that kids=happiness? Who is he to say that having children absolves you from any kind of sadness in life? Who is he to say that the best way for women to lead their lives and avoid the desperation of "Empty Nests and Hearts" is to start squeezing them out at around 23, during our most "fertile years?"

Oh, that's right. He's the genius that came up with the idea that Exurbs (far-removed suburbs of cities) are actually hotbeds of cultural and spiritual growth.

In other words, David Brooks lives in Stepford America. Where all women are perfectly content to pop out babies, all men are happy to take middle-management jobs, and all lawns are kept neat and trip. Nobody ever beats their wives, or chokes back resentment for the lives they may have had . . . Nope, the Home Depot down the street and the Starbucks at every strip mall just makes everyone as pleased as punch just to be alive and shop at Wal Mart.

And they say that WE are the idealists?

If you will excuse the colloquialism, what a turd.

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