Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Non-political post for the week

So. I saw Aviator over the weekend, and it was a good flick, but one thing made me wonder- why did the name "Faith Domergue" sound familiar? In the film there was this brunette teenage jail-bait actress who was apparently on Howard Hughes' payroll (and, simply put, occasionally on Howard, too) for a time, and the name rang a bell.

It turns out Faith was the female lead in "This Island Earth," which is, of course, the subject of ridicule in the MST3K movie.

Now I have to watch it again to see if they make any Howard Hughes references.

By the way, Cate Blanchette makes WAY too good a Kate Hepburn. It's eerie, in fact.

Kelli Garner plays Faith Domergue:

The real Faith:

The real Faith:

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