Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Search for WMD ends, nobody cares

In the words of The Hives, we hate to say we told you so.

But watch the Ministry of Information spin this:
We acted on faulty intelligence(*cough-onpurpose-cough*).
The WMD were never important- we were after Saddam in the interests of the Iraqui oil! I mean, people!
Well, even if he didn't HAVE weapons of mass destruction, he was after them. He had "WMD" on his grocery list, right under Munchos, Despot Daily magazine and Diet Coke.

But none of this matters, not a bit. Finding weapons or not finding weapons was never important, because War was always going to be the end result. Bush was going to get his war, and in order to do so he had to play on the fears of the American public- the ones who were so afraid of another 9/11 (doesn't help that the terrorist attack color codes always jumped when Bush's approval rates were down) that they said fine. Invade Iraq. We're afraid of Brown people and you and your dad seem to be good at killing them.

The French have to deal with a lot- they have to come to terms with thier surrender to the Nazis, to their mishandling of Vietnam prior to America's intervention. We have not been kind to the French lately. However, I think very soon the handling of Iraq will become the same kind of tragedy as the mistakes of Old Europe's colonizing powers. This will be a blight on America's history forever.

On a light note, however, or rather, a sardonic and sarcastic note (as if you would expect anything else from me), I have decided that the cultural product that best exemplifies the megalomaniacal yet misguided nature of this administration is the 1990s cartoon, "Pinky and the Brain."

See, you have this really smart mouse with a serious Napoleonic complex and a really dumb mouse that he has to partner with because they are both trapped in the same cage. Remind you of anyone?

It's pretty dead-on except Pinky is a lot more loveable than Dubya.

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