Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sitemeter is neat

So I got sitemeter to manage my web traffic, and it has been a most helpful little tool. For example, the searches most often resulting in a hit are the following:

yahoo: "condoleeza rice's boyfriend"
google: "laura bush's haircut"
google: "vespa, colorado"

I've gotten hits from the following domains:

By far the most popular time zone is Mountain/Central time in the US but central Europe is catching up and I seem to have one visitor from waaaaay out in New Zealand.

I usually don't take too much time on Vestal Vespa to talk about the blog itself, but I'm so pleased at the progress it has made this year. Thanks to everyone who has linked or been linked, for making it such a success!

And to all of those people who found me by looking for Condoleeza Rice's boyfriend or Laura Bush's hair or a Vespa dealership in Colorado, stick around. You might learn something.

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