Wednesday, February 02, 2005

DC's Inside Scoop: Republicans Going Purple Tonight?

DC's Inside Scoop: Republicans Going Purple Tonight?

Atrios has already handily ripped into this one, but I can't help but get into the game as well.

In short:

In the latest sign that the G.O.P. is intent on politicizing everything Iraq-related, Congressional Republicans are reportedly planning to show up at tonight's State of the Union address with purple ink on their fingers to send the message that they support Iraqi voters.

WTF? You know what message this really sends? WE are responsible for spreading democracy, and you Iraqi voters had nothing to do with it! See! Our fingers are purple! We're the REAL voters!

Never mind the 100,000 dead. Never mind the mind-blowingly disturbing torture charges. Never mind the fact that we've tried about 12 times to build a nation out of the mess that is Haiti, and failed each time, despite our effectiveness at holding elections on the island state.

The congressional Republicans have now reached terawanker status. Several orders of magnitude of wankerness.

I think they're jumping the gun a little, but it's no surprise. There is a fairly good chance that Iraq could go completely in the toilet over the next four years or so, torn asunder by civil war while American troops wander Iran-ward. I don't want this to happen, but I have a distinctly uneasy feeling that it could. I want the Iraqis to pull their country up from the nosedive it could easily be taking right now. But being self-congratulatory isn't going to help and acting like the triumphant bearers of liberty isn't going to help if it's not backed up by policy. Purple fingers on Congressional Republicans is a disgusting show of preemptive victory, showing only that these men can't, for the life of them, remember just how bad places like Haiti, Afghanistan and Somalia got after we so arrogantly saved them from their own "bad" leaders.

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