Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gender Genie- looks like deep down, I'm a guy.

I found this nifty tool, the Gender Genie through a comment over at Echidne and it looks like if I paste any large blocks of text that I've written into the genie, it turns out my writing style is overwhelmingly male.

This was all precipitated by an a comment Kevin Drum made about how female bloggers are mostly mythical. Like Jackalopes and Eskimos. That is, of course, false, and it speaks to the fact that many men do not link to female bloggers and so we are at a bit of a disadvantage. But we are out there, blogging and snarking with the best of them.

In other news, it seems that a group called "USA NEXT" is now claiming that the AARP is a "liberal" group and systematically paints red Xs on the troops and big happy check marks on gay couples:

(courtesy of atrios)

Now the Rove-o-Matic is going to process this, and spit out a new paradigm: the AARP is a subset of seniors that hates America, is liberal in leaning and wants a free ride.

Now, I'm pretty sure my former-Navy, WW2 vet grandfather is a member of the AARP, or at least was at some point. I am pretty sure he will vote for the best interests of the troops each and every time. The man has "USA" tattooed onto his body- he supports our troops.

On Atrios, they're talking about how NPR called AARP a "liberal" group today. The hell it is a liberal group.

But it seems to be that the key to demonizing any group is to paint them as the "other side." It's so easy. A group disagrees with the party line, they are immediately put in league with the gays and the terrorists (oh, and the pirates, too). This has got to stop. What's next? They've done it to the opposing candidates, they've done it to the AARP, they are doing it right now to academia. They have shown that they can do this to anyone.

I just hope the AARP will stand up and call them out on their bullshit. Somebody has to.

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