Monday, February 07, 2005


OK- this is odd. I usually don't wear rings, even though I like to. But I remembered today why I don't usually wear rings and that is because they cause the skin on my fingers to erupt in some kind of an allergic rash. So now I have this burnt-looking band on my left ring finger. It looks like my alliance with the unholy caused my skin to burn under the metal. It looks like I am allergic to the idea of marriage.

Maybe I am.

I f&*king hate Valentines Day.


  1. better to think of it as w.e.b. dubois' birthday.

    besides, think of all the horrible people in history who were married, like jessica simpson and genghis khan. hell, dracula had like three brides.

  2. [originally posted on duplicate post]
    At 9:58 PM, xade said...
    A friend of mine was allergic to all types of metal except platinum...

    There were no cheapskate boyfriends for her...