Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Powerline: Jimmy Carter, terrorist


This is low. I mean, come on. Calling Jimmy Carter a terrorist, in league with the jihadis, is not just party politics, it's delusional. The thing that is so weird is that the right, no matter how much power they have or how many of their guys win elections, still find it necessary to attack the other side. Republicans: the party that kicks you when you're down!

Jimmy Carter won a Nobel Peace Prize. A NOBEL FREAKIN PEACE PRIZE. He wasn't a perfect president, he wasn't our best loved president, but he did something revolutionary- he worked toward peace. But with "Yee Haw" foreign policy taking precedence over diplomacy, working toward peace is seen as effeminate, ineffectual, inactive. Unless you're blowing something up, it seems, freedom is at risk.

I guess the right is just pissed that there isn't a "Nobel War Prize" yet.

Yglesias says this:
I don't think it's at all unreasonable to say that Hindrocket owes Carter a serious apology. Flinging this sort of totally unsubstantiated allegation is disgusting and utterly destructive of any effort to have serious debate about anything.

Ah, Matthew. I wish I had your optimism that there still exists any efforts to have a serious debate about anything. There is no debate anymore. Just accusations, lies and condemnation. And the American People love it.


  1. I am a huge Jimmy Carter fan (even saw the Nobel Prize at the Carter Center in November). I have to ask, though, what kind of value does the prize have ever since it was awarded to Yassir Arafat? I mean, he WAS a real, live terrorist. I have optimism that it still means something to get the Nobel Peace Prize and that Jimmy Carter is not a terrorist.

    -- L.