Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pure by choice? Doubtful.

If this guy is any indication it's not so much that the crowd at this "Pure by Choice" rally chose abstinence, but rather that abstinence chose them.

The link on the coliseum site is broked, so here is the real deal.

What is odd is that on the list of reasons that drove these pure souls to preserve their virginity is that they will avoid a broken heart. Which is weird, because it seems that these purity folks go out of their way to show that love does not equal sex, yet here, they say that by avoiding sex, you avoid a broken heart. And it seems to me that virgins could just as easily have their hearts broken- if not by a sex partner than by the many gritty and painful realities the world has to offer.

Additionally, it seems that only virgins have the capability to "be honest." I know this for a fact to be untrue. John Ashcroft is the least honest person I have ever seen.


  1. "We are not clouded by strange feelings that keep us from making good choices."
    uh... yah, "strange feelings" have really "clouded" my judgement lately. I am so glad you posted this link, I thought it was just gas, but now I know. I am doomed to make poor choices and be dishonest because I didn't choose to be pure. crap. I guess I messed up there.
    What about the "strange feelings" of sexual repression? Do you wonder if that ever clouds all those pure kids' minds? Our culture is so messed up it scares me sometimes. sigh.

  2. While normally I find your blog entertaining and light hearted, I would like to condem your intolerance of other peoples decision to abstain from sex. ARE YOU MAD!!?? By ridiculing these people you run the risk of shaming them into behaving like normal people. They'll go out, mix with society, have sex... and next thing you know they'll be breeding! By your thoughtless words you may have condemed us to generation after generation of analy retentive, holier-than-thou fuckwits! These people should be ENCOURAGED to abstain. Hell, it should be mandatory, in fact I would even consider castration to aid them in their search of moral purity (they might want sex, but they wouldn't have the balls for it!). So Please, please, please leave them to their ways!

  3. Oh, Festi. They would have bred anyway. As soon as they are in the confines of marriage, all bets are off . . .