Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?

Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter - WH Briefing Room Scandal

I haven't been touching this, because I knew virtually nothing about the situation. But here's my summary:

-Jeff Gannon doesn't really exist
-A man calling himself Jeff Gannon was often planted in press conferences to throw "softballs" (tangential, pointed questions) at Scott McClellan
-Jeff Gannon worked for a partisan news corps and often plagiarized or flat-out fabricated information to support Republican political stances on his weblog and in other sources
-Jeff Gannon quit after all of this came to light.

Add this to the growing pile of payola scandals, and we SHOULD be having some serious investigations, possibly the rumblings of impeachment hearings, right?

In a just world, yes.

But there's the rub. The American people somehow don't care at all about this. My theory? It is not easy to understand. Many people don't read the Associated Press handbook's section on libel or conflict of interest. Now, a sex scandal, anyone can understand that. This is a little more difficult to wrap one's mind around, particularly since most people don't realize the danger inherent in marrying political party lines with what people have come to trust as the "news."

But it goes beyond corporate media- it's corporations and politics in general. Why is it bad that a CIA agent's name was leaked? Why is it bad that a marriage "expert" was paid off to support No Child Left Behind? Why is it bad that the drug lobby is the huge, multinational corporate behemoth that it is? Why is it bad that Wal-Mart imports everything from China? These are not things that can be explained easily, and you risk being seen as an intellectual, anti-capitalist elitist if you try.

Good for Louise Slaughter. Like her, I want to see just what the administration has to say for itself right now.

Meantime, thank God for bloggers like Atrios, S.Z. and Kos who have been digging up the dirt on this kind of thing. Keep going, guys- you got one guy to resign, let's keep the heat on.

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