Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Culture of Death- not just a Cure cover band anymore

The Culture Of Death

In a world where complex ideologies are constantly being reduced to their most black-and-white essence, we now have the extreme right telling us that the Terry Schiavo ruling and even birth-control pills are a detriment to the "culture of life," and therefore . . . wait for it . . . contribute to the CULTURE OF DEATH!!!

Now, I'd just like to say this: the term "Culture of Life" is actually pretty stupid. It has little to no semantic value, as Dex would say, as a term. Culture is something that has to, by virtue of being a product of humanity, deal with both life and death. Simply deeming a human cultural event such as the Terry Shiavo ruling as promoting a "Culture of Death" is nonsense. A culture of any kind must be a culture both of life and of death.

But again, the reductive powers of the religious right and their profiteers (the Bush administration) have shown time and time again that there is no issue so complicated, no concept so nuanced, that it can't be boiled down into a good versus evil proposition in the able hands of Karl Rove.

Finally, how can a culture that counters death with killing, such as in the contexts of war and capital punishment, ever be deemed a culture of life? How can an administration that has killed 100,000, probably more, Iraqis in the name of their liberation call itself the promoter of a "Culture of Life?" There obviously is only a small segment of life that this "Culture of Life" considers sacred- the lives not yet begun and the lives no longer lived.


  1. I prefer: the Cult of the Bioplast

    They are concerned with the idea, not the realty of life. They cluster around the end points, pre-birth and pre-death, while ignoring the hard part in the middle.

  2. Right on. I wish they valued children as much as they value fetuses. What an oxymoron is their term "pro-Life."

  3. Have you considered these questions?

    She suddenly slipped into coma after visit from husband - why?

    Husband gains $3 million for her "continued care" then abruptly stops treatment - why?

    What do the parents have to gain from her recieving the therapy that the husband has denied for 12 years?

    What does the husband have to gain from her death?

    Who would have the most to lose if doctors were allowed to give her speech therapy so that her grunts could be understood?

    What would she be able to tell us?

    this is not a joke- it is a womans life.

  4. Have you considered that by subverting the 12 or so court decisions saying that her husband is correct that the current administration is eroding everyone's rights - yours and mine as well?

    The question is not what the husband has to gain by her death. The question is what does this administration have to gain by fighting for her life?

    I know it's not a joke, honey. Nobody's laughing.

  5. This boiling down to black and white annoys me to no end.

    Seriously, when the next debate on the death penalty comes up, will those "Pro-penalty" label themselves part of the Culture of Death? I sure hope so. But no, they will be Pro-Justice.

    Cause that's what it seems to come down to these days, semantics.

    Perhaps someone prominent needs to label the "Culture of Life" the "Culture of Suffering". I wonder what that would do...