Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kung Fu Monkey: I Miss Republicans.

Via Dougie's new blogspot
"At $200 billion we could literally give every person in the Middle East a thousand bucks to look the other way, maybe buy some Nike knock-offs and chill*. If we Fermi Problem it, figuring on just men, 50% down, then just adult men between , say 17-40, knock it down a quarter, then assume fairly effective terrorists need a smattering of English and some technical knowledge, that's down to maybe 10% of our working number ... that's between $50,000 to $80,000 to every reasonably viable terrorist to go out and not vaporize himself. That's good money. That's 'let's focus more on the inventing-algebra parts of Islam and slightly less on the jihad aspects while we watch the game on my new big-screen' money. Sure, you're gonna get your martyrs, but hey, that's what the Dept. of Homeland Security is for."

Ah, a voice of reason. Consider yourself blogrolled, my simian friend.

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