Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Marilyn "Chickenshit" Musgrave

Email Marilyn
Due to the anthrax incidents, any mail sent to my office is first shipped to a processing center in Ohio and New Jersey to be irradiated for any potential biohazard. This process delays the mail to my office anywhere from two weeks to five months. Therefore, I urge you to email, fax or call for a quicker response. Thank you for your patience. -- Marilyn"

He he. This from the woman that wouldn't leave our newspaper building because about a half-dozen protesters were assembled across the street. She was actually whining that we have them removed. Let me just say this- if your policies are so abhorrent, so destructive and so hateful that you fear groups of protesters that wouldn't even have an automatic gratuity put on their lunch check, maybe you should find a new line of work.

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  1. converstion-ending sentence i've uttered while drunk:

    "dude, say what you want about marilyn musgrave, but dude, she's got the most kissable lips. right? right?"