Friday, March 11, 2005

To the city that blends and mends and tests


I'm back from NYC, back from a much needed vacation and the most hellish airport experience I think I've ever had. There was a blizzard in NYC the third day I was there- jammed up the flights for the next day and caused icy runways at LaGuardia, so getting out on time was a no-go. Ah well-

Tuesday in the city was gorgeous- I'll have plenty of pics to share later and to burden my Photobucket account.

Still trying a bit to sort out my feelings about the city- was it love? Was I just overwhelmed? Could I really ever see myself living there? I am not sure yet. I liked the city a lot- but when I was laid over in Chicago, I remember thinking that Chicago was my town, that I felt so much more at home there. Plus I can't yet stomach the idea of spending $1400 on a one-bedroom apartment . . .

All in all it was just great to get away, to finally get acquainted with the city that I had grown up wanting to visit. It was amazing to just wander around, and then get caught by surprise by something huge, like the Trump Towers or Times Square or Rockefeller Center. Everything is so close together so you don't have to go far before you run into something you recognize. I liked that part. And I liked being able to zoom anywhere in town on the subway. And I liked Barney Greengrass "The Sturgeon King" on the Upper West side. That was cool.

I want to go back . . . when it's warm.

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