Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tuesday lists

OK, I can only take so many pictures of a black cat, so I am going to try and institute a new idea: Tuesday Lists. This is where I come up with a list every week, a la McSweeneys. Relevant or not? Funny or not? You decide. And feel free to add to the list in the comments if you wish.

For those still wanting biting commentary on how the Terry Schiavo case is being used to erode further what dwindling civil rights we have, I direct you here.

And now, my list:


1. "Yes, but wouldn't you agree that Christianity itself is a bastardized religion?"

2. "Even for being normally-aspirated, it still goes like hell."

3. "I don't know, I didn't see that- I found that the entire Lord of the Rings series was more about the struggle between rural, agrarian cultures and the encroachment of industry."

4. "I think the larger problem is the fact that the media is now merely a cheerleading squad for the whole administration."

5. "Oh crap. I have the spinnies."


  1. Well, you remembered them, so you couldn't have been that shitfaced. Remember: when you get the spinnies, take out as many people as you can before/as you fall over.

    My favorite one, that actually got me choked: "Nice 'stache on your girlfriend!"

  2. I always liked "...oh H*#s, I threw up."