Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bye bye, Time Magazine

OK, so I was getting Time Magazine for free but I cancelled anyway. Why? Because Mantis Coulter is on the cover this week, she was named in the "Time 100" last week and I'm getting mighty sick of Krauthammer's smug ramblings on the "success" of the Bush doctrine. But here's what I sent into the black hole that is the TIME inbox.

I was disappointed in your decision to name President Bush as "Person of the Year," when that year had seen the slaughter of thousands of innocents in Iraq due to his misguided and reckless foreign policy.

I was disappointed in your decision to laud our nation's staunchest evangelicals, who consistently gain financial and political support due to ideologies of hate and exclusion.

I was disappointed in your decision to run column after column lauding the president's "doctrine" when it has only served to create instability and insurrection in every nation it has touched, and I was further disappointed to see you name several subscribers to this doctrine in your "Time 100" list earlier this month.

But the last straw was the placement of political hack and outright hatemonger Ann Coulter on the cover of your magazine. Coulter does nothing to promote intellectual discourse in this country, and it is clear she will do and say anything to gain media notoriety. At last glance, your online poll showed that 84 percent of your readers think she contributes nothing of value to the political discussion. Your mention of her on the "100" list and your promotion of her as the subject of your cover story finally tipped the scales and I have cancelled my subscription. The fact that the Right is the winning team right now means that balanced media is all the more crucial, and I am dismayed to see that your publication has succumbed to pressure to promote the current administration.

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  1. i got two fuckin words for time magazine: amy and goodman.