Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If we're winning, I don't want to know what it's like to lose

The insurgents are now murdering their "elected" officials.

And what gets me is the people who comment on Truth Teller to tell him how great things are going over there. He is living in Mosul and doing what he can just to keep his daughters and wife safe in the midst of a war zone. He says security is improving but slowly, and that as a doctor he is finding it harder than ever to find and secure supplies. He is there. We are not. And yet, people who almost certainly support the war in such meaningful ways as with magnetic ribbons and posts on Free Republic imagine they know better just how good he has it.

Some examples:

"lisa, ny":
I'm not going to deny that people were hurt in Fallujah. But no one can deny that it had become a terrorist stronghold and something needed to be done. Something was done and Iraq is better for it.

"Lynette in Minnesota"
Truth Teller, when spreading propaganda it is best to be a little more subtle. You were more believable when you let your daughters slip it into their blogs [ . . .]

But what I do see on this blog and on Najma's and HNK's is a pattern of implying anything anti-American that they can. Obviously they have every right to their opinions. But to ask their readers to believe everything that they do, without actual proof, is foolish.

Could you please identify which group of Iraqis, who, in the millions, voted (and risked their lives) for Democracy early this year, who now identify with what you are now beginning to publish on your "blog"?

I've got a sense of humor, as does everyone, but... I'm not buying the BS you are telling now.

If U.S. were to pull out of your country tonight with in a week you all would be living under the rule of another dictator probably as bad if not worst than saddam.

But in my opinion if your country is so much worse now maybe they should free saddam and let him get it back to the good life you all enjoyed!

To be fair, there are plenty of sympathetic voices on there, too. The magic of the Internet has given us something that perhaps has never been done in any previous war- a chance to discourse with the people whose countries are actually being occupied. For those who want to, they can cut through the propoganda being fed to them by corporate news networks and actually discuss what is going on with people who are there.

Some people appreciate this. Some people don't. Obviously some people go to Truth Teller's website hoping to find out that he's just pleased as punch that American forces have invaded, hoping to find a post that talks about just how great the new democracy is going and how grateful he is to the heroic American military. And when they find that he has significant problems with the occupation, they attack him for threatening their beliefs of what they have come to understand is a "just" war.

Sadly, this has become the MO for many of Bush's supporters. They don't dialogue, they don't understand dialogue. They understand what they are told and when conflicting ideas come up, they reject them rather than change their belief structure. Is it any wonder that so many of his supporters are fundamentalists? Bush uses political evangelism, political fundamentalism, to win over the vast swaths of society that are allergic to uncertainty.

Anyway. Check out the Iraqi blogs. They are worth it.


  1. Oh, good grief! Those commenters are not there. Why do they think they know what's going on?

  2. These people have no experience of war and yet they think their government is telling the truth.

    The government lies, because they don't want to admit they have created something they can't control. They did it on the cheap and the Iraqis are now paying the bill.

    The Iraqis didn't asked to be invaded, why would they be happy about the aftermath?