Monday, April 11, 2005


And it continues . . .

Got this link via Norbizness' big news roundup from today. Not only is it almost illegal to pedal this shortsighted "plan" to "reform" Social Security, but it is only being pedaled in front of hand-picked audiences who have expressed loyalty to the Bush Regime. What is the fucking point? And why have they paid 2.2 million to do this?

Just to put this in some perspective, 2.2 million dollars is:

-The amount spent to increase AIDS awareness and Family Planning in Zambia
-The amount given by Unicef to Ethiopia to fight Polio
-The amount given to Morocco by the The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, following a recent earthquake

In the grand scheme of things, especially by American standards and particularly by the standards of the privileged, like Bush, 2.2 million might not seem like a lot. But there are better applications for 2.2 million dollars, and spending it on PR for a program that has low to no public support is just stupid.

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  1. These people have now connection of any kind to the real world. They seem to believe in the "divine right of the president" to do anything they want.

    Dubya wanders his realm wasting money to convince the peasants that he is, actually, wearing clothes.

    He knows that he will be called on his foolishness if he holds a real public meeting, so he doesn't.