Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More fun with our local crazy guy

I've dissected this guy's stuff before . . . he is a local shut-in who sends stuff into the paper and sadly, gets published most of the time. His wife must have put the parcheesi game on the top shelf this week, because he's fired of at least a half-dozen screeds in the past few days and they are just so very lovely.

The latest: the ACLU is a pack of Stalinist-Nazi-Pinkos!!

Apparently, it is not enough for some liberals to deny and refute the statements of conservatives. Now some intolerant leftists want to silence opposing viewpoints ("O'Reilly and others spouting rubbish", April 11), just as if they lived in the U.S.S.R or Nazi Germany, political systems more appropriate to their twisted thinking.

Indeed, it is not enough for us, who feed on the blood of the living, to deny and refute statements by such truthtellers as Bill O'Reilly. Verily, we must silence them all! (actually, the letter saying that Bill O'Reilly was full of it was not at all about censorship, mostly just a statement that our paper is too good to publish the rantings of such a clearly deranged man . . . more of a quality assessment than anything else)

America's political system requires open debate and honest discussion to be successful, while non-democratic governments maintain control by suppressing opinions with which they disagree. The latter sounds very much like the liberals ideal: no public comment unless they agree with it. This is the same garbage we suffered through with the broadcast television media; only liberal opinions will be tolerated, conservatives not welcome.

Ah, open debate and honest discussion. The hallmarks of Bill "Cut His Mike" O'Reilly's commentary. And I really don't know what kind of broadcast television media this guy is watching if he's finding that "conservatives are not welcome."

The ACLU is a pox on this country. They interfere with proper jurisprudence, they support anti-American causes and individuals, and undermine the spirit of this country by constantly disrupting our government and judicial processes. To add insult to injury, they do it with taxpayer funds, so in essence, they are working against us with our own money. This needs to be changed and soon.

Yes! please take away the organization that makes it possible for me to rant on using unfounded allegations and false syllogisms!

Judicial filibustering is a NEW, repeat, NEW and illegal tactic invented by the liberals to block proper consideration of judicial nominees, and MUST be stopped. If the Senate decides that the "Constitutional Option" is necessary to rein in the unlawful liberal left and give these nominees their proper "up-or-down vote", then the liberal idiots who have perverted the system will get what they deserve, a return to reason and the word of law.

Actually, it NOT, repeat, NOT new, the filibuster is a technique that has existed in our legislative process for at least a century. And considering Strom Thurmond won the record for filibustering the Civil Rights Act in 1964, anyone who thinks that liberals invented it must on the crazy glue self-medication plan. Not to mention the fact that Bill Frist did it to Clinton back in the 90s. And if the filibuster is eliminated, everyone will be in exactly the same shitstorm, whether you identify with this guy or if you, like me, are a proud member of the "unlawful liberal left." (sounds like a crimefighting team to me, like the Mighty Morphin Power Pinkos).

Bill O'Reilly is quite right when he says that we, as a nation, should not fund or support a legal institution like the A.C.L.U., one that is dedicated to destroying our political system, or the people who support the A.C.L.U. or advocate stifling public opinions. Whether you believe it or not, such people are working against what this country stands for; liberty, truth, and justice. None of these virtues can be found in the A.C.L.U., or the liberals who support such anti-American institutions.

Oy vey, where to begin? The A.C.L.U. is devoted to free speech of all kinds, from Nazis to the KKK to Ward Churchill to Michael Moore to Strom Thurmond to this idiot. While many on the right argue that those on the left want freedom with out responsibilities, this guy is arguing against himself- that we should deny the A.C.L.U. but promote freedom of speech. But honestly, this guy is unhinged. He sent in a letter this week with the subject line "Tom DeLay Understands the Constitution."

I doubt even most wingnuts would agree with that.

But this guy is so exemplary of the isolated Western wingnut. He lives in a sphere separate from the real world, with no contact outside of FOX news and his subscriptions to the National Review. I would argue that extremists on either end are equally out of touch with reality, and this guy is certainly on the fringe.


  1. This is the kind of guy many small town editors love. His letters generate other letters and attract readers.

    I have suspected in some of the place that i have lived that such people were often "created" by members of the editorial board to liven up the letters page.

  2. Dear Vestal Vestpa: I feel I really must write and protest about that post. My husband, in common with a lot of people of his age, is fifty. For how long are we to put up with these things. Yours sincerely, E. B. Debenham (Mrs).

  3. Not only is that guy nuts, he is misinformed. The ACLU does NOT accept federal funding. In fact, the organization turned away funds from a federal employee donation fund because ACLU would have had to turn over its membership list to be searched for terrorists. That's putting your money where your mouth is, I think.

    You point out well that the ACLU defends everyone regardless of viewpoint, even this loser hack. And defending freedoms is SO Anti-American I guess. That's why Bob Barr, a former Georgia congressman and Clinton impeachment manager, joined up with ACLU to combat the reduction of civil liberties. He is hardly a pinko.

    -- Loganite.