Monday, April 18, 2005

¿Qué Onda Guero?

The new Beck is just so very sweet. Highly recommended. With a sample from the Beastie Boys' "Whatcha Want" and a song with bass riffs from Jack White, how can it not be? It goes on the short list of perfect convertible music I've been enjoying these past sunny days; along with the Ramones, the Zutons and Arcade Fire. I'm kind of disappointed in the new Moby (Hotel) but there are a couple of good ones on there, too. Moby seems to be searching through the album for a perfect makeout song . . . and listening to it on your own just feels kind of sad.

Anyway. I found this on my news trawling today:
Bullies Need Not Apply

It's kind of an interesting look at the appointment of John Bolton (or as I like to call him, Mr. Bush's Attach Schnauzer). What struck me most was this statement:
Bolton is the classic swaggerer who never served in uniform but conspicuously places on his office desk a brass hand grenade.

Couldn't this really be used to describe most Bush appointees? With the notable exception of Colin Powell, his favorite "type" seems to be belligerent but fiercely loyal individuals who have never actually seen military action but have very clear-cut notions of how it should be used. And whether or not they actually have any real qualifications for the job is completely secondary to the fact that they have a track record in Bush-doctrine, black-and-white decision making.

This is why Bush would appoint Ted Nugent as the head of ATF. Moderation is like anathema to this administration . . . the louder and more irritating you are, as long as you have proven loyalty to the Neocon mission, the more appealing you are as a leader.

. . . or this is a big scheme on getting the US out of the UN.

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