Friday, April 22, 2005

Stupid partisan politics- oh wait, Colin Powell is involved?

Bolton's baggage

Considering what I've heard about this Bolton character, I know I wouldn't hire him to do the night shift at a Walgreens, much less hire him as ambassador to the UN.

Colin Powell is saying he'd make an "abyssmal ambassador," which is not only among the cooler alliterative phrases I can think of, but is also probably true, seeing as how the man has more mood swings than a bipolar, pregnant meth head.

Voinovich has the balls to stand up and say that he has reservations appointing someone who has been described by his coworkers as "a madman" (read: not a people person). And for this, he is called a "traitor" to the Republican party rather than its saving grace.

But the fact of the matter remains that unless another Kerik can be pulled on this Bolton guy, he will get appointed to the UN and get to act, as Randi Rhodes so aptly said, "like an international butthead." Which means that once again we will be putting a bull in the global china shop. Why would the Bush administration want this? To further the notion that the UN is anti-Bush, anti-Democracy and anti-America when they fail to support Bolton and his sure-to-be assinine ideas once he is appointed. Rove and his buddies are working to discredit every institution they dislike, starting with the courts, the ACLU and the National Education Association and ending with the UN. They are painting each of these organizations as "activist" groups, out of touch with America's real needs.

Not good.

But on the bright side, if we CAN get this guy to crack, like we got Kerik to crack, we can delay this process a little longer. There's a flip side to this, too, though, since every time someone is blocked in that way, it is spinned as "obstructionism" and further discredits Democrats as party politicians. However, I think it is probably worth it . . . if we have to be seen as obstructionists in order to save the filibuster, the judicial system, the UN and, by extension, our position in the world, I guess we'll have to be seen as obstructionists.

It's all semantics, which is a game we need to learn how to play. Last night on the Daily Show, there was an interview with Frank Luntz, that disgusting man who does all of the Bush propoganda, from "Clear Skies" to "Estate Tax." Samantha Bee asked him to spin a list of phrases into favorable language (from this site):

BEE (to Luntz): I'm going to read you some words. Help me warm these up a bit.


BEE: Drilling for oil.

LUNTZ: I would say: "Responsible Exploration for Energy."

BEE: Logging.

LUNTZ: I would say: "Healthy Forests."

BEE: Manipulation.

LUNTZ: Explanation and education.

BEE: Orwellian.

LUNTZ: ...

Explanation and education. Right.


  1. i find the fact that the criticism surrounding bolton deals more with the fact that he's a dick than he made implicit a threat to invading cuba (after suggesting they have biological weapons) or his non-work with north korea really disappointing - a triumph of style over substance that got alberto gonzales and condi in.

  2. Well, if we want to keep complete accuracy, I believe it was Powell's chief of staff who said Bolton would be an "abyssmal ambassador." Powell would never say such a thing in public. I'll look around for the post/news article I came across that had a lot of background detail.

    Still, Bolton would be an abyssmal ambassador. Hurrah for Voinovich, or as much as I can give him. If I lived in Nebraska or Rhode Island, I'd certainly be on the phone to my senator right now.

  3. Good catch, Brian.

    But hey, if you go by the rules of this administration, accuracy is for wimps. And the Europeans.

  4. As I sit here drinking my gin martini (Bombay Sapphire--not an endorsement, just a description), twirling the consonants off my tongue, "... he has more mood swings than a bipolar, pregnant meth head." You must have been channeling Dorothy Parker. Well, let me channel Alice Roosevelt Longsworth right back atcha: "If you don't have anything nice to say, well then, please, sit next to me."

  5. Thanks for linking to JABBS on the Samantha Bee-Frank Luntz segment on The Daily Show.

    David R. Mark
    Journalists Against Bush's B.S.

  6. (Bombay Sapphire--not an endorsement, just a description)

    I'm more of a Tanqueray girl myself . . . but if I could channel one atom of Dorothy Parker, I'll be the happiest angry bitch in the world.

    Thanks for the link and the kind words.