Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Those crazy lefties in Utah, Virginia

So. It seems that those commies out in Utah and Virginia decided that No Child Left Behind was not for them. Utah managed to reject the pieces of legislation that were problematic for them, but Virginia's appeal for a waiver was denied. Those states-rights Republicans and their demands that all schools meet federal guidelines.

Sorry, but you know that a Republican policy is beyond bad when not even Utah and Virginia will toe the party line on it.

Meanwhile, though I'm not usually the type to link to a blog just for the witty comments, there is a thread going on at Atrios right now mocking John Gibson's assertion on Fox News that Sadaam was somehow behind the Oklahoma City Bombing. So far the commenters have also fingered Sadaam for:

-Killing the radio star
-Stealing the number 7
-Writing the screenplay for Gigli
-Inventing disco
-Being the fifth Beetle
-Assassinating Franz Ferdinand

Ah, good times.

While I'm doing the blogaround thing, I also point you to the brilliant captioning of Norbizness. Do it for the banjo getaway music alone.


  1. Hey! Virginia is my home!
    How dare you say such unkind things!

    Well, you are quite correct in your assessment though.

    A buddy of mine teaches 3rd and 4th graders in Petersburg, just down the road from Richmond where I live, and he has an incredible amount of horror stories to tell daily.

    He has 3rd graders undergoing psyche exams, kids with violent tendencies, kids talking about sex acts they’ve committed, kids with weapons, and these are the ones that actually show up to class.

    He has kids that have transient parents, that is they live in a motel from week to week and therefore often do not come to school at all. These kids have obviously been exposed to violence, abuse and drug culture. It’s made my buddy a much more hardened person. He said the ONLY day anyone ever asks a question is test day. His average test scores are in the 40’s and he tries his best to make this easy for them.

    Here’s the real kicker: the school system won’t let him fail anyone. He must pass these kids. I admire his ability to stick with it but it’s very depressing to hear what he talks about.

    No Child Left Behind will not help these kids at all. Their problems are much bigger than that. The cycle of culture they live in is the key to solving their problems, or at least helping them overcome some of the obstacles they face.

    My own education goals are in progress with an end result to teach at the college level for reasons other than what my bud has shown me, but that certainly adds to my personal decision. It’s crushing to hear him talk, and a tiny part of me is considering where I might be more useful to society.

    Geesh, now I’m depressed again.

    Nice letter to Time by the way. Oh, and I used your filibuster link, thanks for that.

    You have a nice site, I usually come to yours after my head explodes from reading WoC to calm my nerves. Spent some time biking and skiing in Breckenridge and Aspen and absolutely loved it, and the pic at the top of your site always stirs those memories.

    Rock on Vestal!

  2. Glad to be of service . . . thanks for your kind words. :)