Thursday, April 21, 2005


So, not really thinking about it, I sent a couple of clips off to the Society for Professional Journalists Best of Colorado contest. Well, turns out I must be a real writer after all 'cuz today I got the news that I had placed in the Arts and Entertainment Review/Column category.

I won't know how I placed or for what piece until the banquet May 13. But it made my day anyway.

So, Woo!


  1. congrats. so you ARE going to write that column now, yes...?

  2. I sent my editor a sample column . . . it's up to them now. We'll see. I am getting more excited about the possibility.

  3. Kudos. Next stop, Pulitzer. By the way, does this mean you're both MSM and a blogger? Shouldn't we alert CNN or Howie Kurtz or something?

  4. Congratulations! Don't forget all the little people on your way to journalistic stardom.

    If such a thing exists.

  5. I'm only "MSM" inasmuch as I do reviews for community theatre and concerts (mostly for the free tix). I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of "real" journalism.

    I do, however, pretend to be a spaceman.

    But thanks for all the kind words, everyone . . . much much appreciated.