Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why do the good shows come to town when I'm sick?

Whew. Rock hangover.

At least I could open both eyes this morning.

Decided that giving in to the virus was the wussie's way out and headed on down to the Larimer Lounge to see the Bellrays, Von Iva and Rock and Roll Soldiers (though I was mistakenly informed that Reno Divorce would also be in attendance. Dang.).

The thing about tiny up and coming bands is that they are so guilty until proven innocent. The small club is the ultimate judgement for a small band- it is assumed you suck until you prove otherwise. Happily, all in attendance last night made some compelling cases.

Here's the lineup:
Rock and Roll Soldiers
Lizzie, you would have LOOOVED these guys. Hovering somewhere between the Strokes and the Hives but with a less "made for TV" sound. And the lead singer was a tall, cute Chinese dude named Marty Larson-Xu. We need more decent bands from Eugene, Oregon.

Von Iva
Tara- you would have LOOOOVED these guys. Sort of Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets the Donnas, only with more soul. The guys in the audience were all over these ladies . . . but I wouldn't have crossed that lead singer, she looked likely to put a stilletto in the eye of the next guy who asked to see her boobs.

The Bellrays
What do you get when you mix Pam Grier, The Ramones, and a couple of guitarists with faces only a mother could love? These guys. Trust me, it works . . .

We had more fun than it made sense to have on a Monday night. But now I'm just trying to talk as little as possible and not hack up anything too noticeably. But like all hangovers, once this goes away I won't regret a thing.

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  1. Uh, like, I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to let you say "boobs"....