Friday, May 13, 2005

All grow'ds up

First column went out today, responses were mostly good, with one letter showing up in e-mail calling it "laughable," but so goes life in the somewhat public eye, I guess. It wasn't my best work, kind of just testing the waters. But hey, if you aren't making at least one person angry, what's the point, right?

By the by- I said "No" to Wisconsin, and to a tech writing job (again) for a while. I am 23 and allowed to be poor for a while longer . . . allowed to play around. Don't think I'm quite ready to sell out just yet. This is too much fun, anyway. I can live without designer jeans if it means I get to see my name in print on occasion.

In other news, how weird is this? I mean, if we really needed further evidence that Bush's madness has reached Caligula proportions, here it is. Sick thing is, Bush's constituency would totally go for the idea of bringing Bin Laden's melon home in a box. You see a lot of "Support our Troops" stickers next to "Terrorist Hunting Licenses" while traveling across Nebraska. These are people with absolutely no personal connection to 9/11 but nevertheless see the war on terror as a sort of all-out spectator sport. People who would probably have harbored antipathy toward the (mostly) liberal victims of the attacks, but still view the attacks as an affront to their personal beliefs.

The whole Jihadi-in-the-Box concept, working in conjunction with news of Bolton's bizarre sexual proclivities and DeLay's complete and utter lack of a soul makes me wonder just how long it will be before Bush takes out an extended fire policy on the White House and begins taking violin lessons.

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