Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bike Blogging

Gonna be out of town for a while- the little sister is graduating. So here is a tranquil image of the Cruiser against a Colorado Sunset.

Feel free to use this calming image for meditation purposes.


  1. That is a sweet ride.

    I got a red one at home. I never get any respect from the punks on it, though.

  2. That's not relaxing at all. It reminds me that I still haven't gotten my fat ass back in the saddle this season, and I'd been planning on start in March!

  3. Uh oh. That basket makes me think of Dorothy and Toto . . .

  4. NTodd, me too...
    I think the picture is beautiful, though.

  5. I wish it was a Schwinn. It's a new one- a Chinese imitation of a Schwinn Varsity like the one I had as a kid.