Monday, May 02, 2005

Colorado weather: If you don't like it . . .wait five minutes and it will fuck with your head.

A lovely May Day in L-town:

And speaking of the hometown, I got "The Yellow Scene" in the mail the other day and hey, whaddya know, Longmont's got the biggest feature story. A dubious distinction, though, seeing as how it basically reams the city for fiddling with freedom of speech inre: the Ward Churchill/Glenn Spagnuolo issue. The Yellow Scene is a new local mag, a free one, and just barely out of its "'zine" stage, as in it is actually laid out and on glossy paper now. They still need a decent copy editor. Hmmmm.

What the entire issue can really be reduced to is this:

The March 22 council issue created another constitutional crisis by proposing a pair of changes to public assembly laws that appeared to tighten rules on determining when and if a public gathering is legal. As the city isn’t exactly swamped with massive protests or weekly parades, many wondered about the laws’ relevance. Only the Longmont Citizens for Justice & Democracy, who hold weekly anti-war demonstrations at the corner of 6th & Main, seemed to be targeted by the proposed code revisions. Nevertheless, even this story wouldn't have caused waves outside Longmont were it not for the simultaneous investigation of LCJD member Glenn Spagnuolo.

On March 3, Spagnuolo gave an interview in defense of CU’s Ward Churchill to AM talk show duo Caplis & Silverman. The hosts played clips of the professor’s most controversial speeches, including his oft-repeated “You’ve got a trigger-finger” reply to an activist’s query as to how one can effect political change. Spagnuolo emphasized his support of non-violence, but did acknowledge that he wouldn’t rule out violent protest in the face of government-sanctioned violence by the military and police forces. After much baiting by the two hosts, who taunted Spagnuolo to “Be a man, Glenn!” he eventually agreed with Churchill's claim that “all cops are criminals” and that by wearing a uniform “you make yourself a target.” Looking back on his statements, he says that he doesn’t apologize for anything he said, though he wishes he had been allowed to expand his answers.

Hooray for AM talk radio. Hooray for baiting people who believe in freedom of speech. Hooray for cornering activists.

The LCJD team protests are maybe six people, a couple of kids, three or four dogs and big signs. It makes my day every time I see them. To think that they might go away just because of the six-degrees-of-Ward-Churchill game is a pretty sad thought.

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