Thursday, May 19, 2005

Compromise, Schmompromise

Salazar: squishier than Go-Gurt on a hot day.

(The guy that wrote the Durango Herald article linked above is also a correspondent for our paper. Nice guy.)

The thing is, why should Democrats continue to compromise when Bush's idea of a compromise is that he gets his way and he decides NOT to punch you in the nads?

My frustration with Mr. Salazar grows. I know he's new at this, but his stance on the whole filibuster idea is sort of a sine curve of accommodation. Before his election, he expressed support for its removal. Then he stood up for its retention. Now he's somewhere in the middle.

In his latest stance, Salazar proposes a "showdown" process (gotta love those muy macho references to the old West mythos. Hey, Preznit Bush! I wear a cowboy hat, too! Let's talk hombre to hombre!). From the Coloradan:

Throughout Wednesday, lawmakers took to the floor in carefully choreographed order for speeches on two of President Bush's nominees that Democrats so far have blocked: Texas judge Priscilla Owen and California judge Janice Rogers Brown.

Behind the scenes, Salazar and moderates from both parties were in closed-door meetings around the Capitol, trying to fashion an agreement to confirm some of the judges while preserving Democrats' ability to filibuster others in exceptional cases.

"Senator Salazar has been in meetings for 13 of the last 24 hours," his spokesman, Cody Wertz, said Wednesday afternoon. "He went home last night pretty late, about 10 or 11. Today there was a 9 a.m. meeting."

The Republican ranks include Sens. John McCain of Arizona, John Warner of Virginia and Olympia Snowe of Maine. The Democratic participants include Sens. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

Early Wednesday, Salazar proposed a compromise that would require Democrats to stop their filibuster against all seven of Bush's pending judicial nominees and give them an up-or-down vote in the Senate. In exchange, under Salazar's compromise, Republicans would promise not to use a parliamentary move called the "nuclear option" to force Democrats to stop filibustering future court nominees, including any nominee for a potential Supreme Court vacancy.

I don't like that Salazar has put himself in the company of such blatant DINOS as Lieberman and Nelson.

And come on, we've seen just how much Bush cares to compromise on anything. I say we don't give an inch.

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