Wednesday, May 11, 2005

There and back again

Hello all-
A little late for a Tuesday list but here are some things I learned on the road trip to and from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for my sister's graduation festivities:

1. Not only is there a porn barn on I-80, but the same company has created a new landmark 24-hour Adult Superstore in an old Stuckey's (you can totally tell it's an old Stuckey's, it has that silly arched roof and they just painted it yellow and black, which are apparently the best colors for a porn store catering to truckers). So now I-80 is home to the porn barn and the porn Stuckeys. Another name looking for a band . . .

2. The rest stops in Iowa are now equipped with wireless Internet. The Nebraska ones barely have operational plumbing.

3. Seat belt sunburns are not attractive. And SPF-15 is not enough to prevent one.

4. If you drive 100 miles through southwest Nebraska, your windshield will hit enough gnats, bees, dragonflies and butterflies to begin to resemble a Jackson Pollack-esque insect holocaust.

5. The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument has its own radio station.

6. Sharing a shisha with a group of college students is a pretty reliable way to get a cold.

7. This guy would have made a far better commencement speaker than this guy. Dyson gave the sermon at the baccaleureate service (which, despite the skin-crawly feeling that occurs when I participate in religious services, I did attend) but not the commencement adress. Opportunity missed, I think. Robinson gave a pretty tepid speech, which is a shame. Our commencement speaker was David Baugh, and he burned the place up, it was great.

8. Coe College is still a great place where great people go to learn . . . I miss it a lot. But like any place, it's never quite the same when you go back. Places are a bit like lovers and when you meet again you know that neither of you are quite the same as when you said goodbye.


  1. Porn Stuckeys...ha ha ha ha!

    Welcome back.

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  3. Hey, as a resident of the fair State of Iowa I must defend two of its biggest tourist attractions.

    You have to admit though that the wireless reststops are pretty cool.

    Vestal I'm surprised I don't have you blogrolled. I'll fix that...and if you occasionally stop by Rising Hegemon I hope you'll do likewise.