Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blog props

I've been poking around a few of my favorite sites lately and while every blog sees sort of an ebb and flow of good and bad, I have to say that lately, Sadly, No! has been on fire. Here are a couple of examples:

From Gavin M.:

It makes you feel kind of like how Ann Coulter must feel. Imagine being the famous and high-powered Coulter, launching full firepower at academic prion Ward Churchill. That's the crux of why Ann is such a wrong thing: It's not her politics or her gigantic mouth (or the fact that she looks like a Christian Dior stick insect). All of those things are tolerable, if unwholesome. It's her heat-seeking talent for being on the side with the most power at the moment, and lashing out at those weaker than herself. She doesn't choose fair fights, but piles on an adversary, Richard III-style, after it's already clear how the battle is likely to end -- and fucks up largely by going too rabid in the attack (not by choosing it rashly or failing to consider qui bono). I'm not aware of a single courageous, if wrong-headed, stand that she's taken to advance the GOP cause. If the wind shifted tomorrow away from the evangelicals, the wowsers, the William Jennings Bryan conservatives, and toward the Christine Whitman patrician set, Coulter's kite-like frame would turn with it.

From Brad R.:
It seems strange that G-rated movies are part of God's divine plan. I mean, if you made a movie of the Old Testament, it'd warrant a sextuple-X rating. Leviticus alone features animal sacrifices, people being stoned to death for blasphemy, and instructions for cleaning jizz off your clothes.

There are more, but the "Christian Dior stick insect" and MPAA rating for the Bible are my favorites. As they used to say in the early days, Go Read.


  1. Sweet.

    Dr. Sebly F. No is my future gay husband. We intend to be stoned together in the presence of His Eminence James The Dobson, who will preside over the stoning ceremony.

    I think.

  2. Ooh, can I be your maid of honor? Let's see, I could throw together a properly solemn outfit with a leather cat costume and KISS boots . . .